Foot Massager from Love, Lori - Red
Shower Sole Scrubber Red
Shower Sole Scrubber Red
Shower Sole Scrubber Red
Shower Sole Scrubber Red

Shower Sole Scrubber Red

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Why Your Feet Need This In Their Life

  • Because it feels amazing and massages tired achy feet...unless you're super ticklish (I've given you fair warning)
  • Because bending over and trying to balance in the shower isn't something you are comfortable with and/or isn't one of your strong suits. I mean is it anyones really?
  • Because it really provides a deep clean especially in between those toes.
  • Because it increases and stimulates blood flow and circulation. Well hey now ;-)
  • Because it helps to eliminate yummy foot ailments like athletes foot and ringworm.
  • Because it reduces foot pain.FOOT CLEANER & MASSAGER - Our unique foot brush bristles are flexible and bend gently. The bristles provide a deep and thorough cleaning of the feet and in between toes while massaging tired achy feet.

How Do I Use This Thing?

Wet your shower floor and plop it down so that the little suction cup thingys do their job and keep it in place. Put some of your favorite body wash on that baby and then one at a time take your foot and go to town. Slide that gorgeous foot back and forth and just feel the love. Feel the vibration. Feel the goodness. Clean those feet and feel renewed! Love it! Live it. Lather it. You got this.

For Best Results

Use daily or as often as you like. Smile. Feel the love. Love your feet. Don't worry be happy. 

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