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Luxurious, Soft Feet are just a Scrub Away

No need to wait until your next pedicure to feel confident in your own feet! Pamper yourself (and your feet) with our all natural foot care products because you deserve it. Our products help people just like you get the softest, smoothest feet imaginable!


Love, Lori

Hands Down Your Top Source For Foot Care

The reviews say it all. Love, Lori products are the best on the market today for transforming your feet so you don't ever have to be embarrassed about them again!

Love, Lori is dedicated to the life and memory of her brother Guy Barzvi, who was killed on 9/11 at the age of 29 in the World Trade Center attacks in New York City. The night before he died, Guy told Lori that he wasn't happy with his job. He had dreams of going out on his own and becoming an entrepreneur.

Looking for an outlet and a way to navigate her grief, Lori began taking dance lessons at a local dance studio. She fell in love with dancing but it did a number on her feet. This is what accidentally led her to come up with the idea for My Solemate.

It was then that she knew the best way to honor her brother would be to live out his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and she would do so by making her product idea My Solemate come to life.

The Love, Lori brand is a true homage to the life and memory of her beloved brother, Guy.



This product is amazing. Works better than anything I’ve ever tried. I had dry, cracked, painful heels 2 days ago. All rough spots and cracks are gone except for one that was bleeding and was in pretty bad shape. I paid a lot of money recently for a special care pedicure because I’ve been dealing with this problem for years and it’s gotten worse recently. I bought this product based on the reviews and used it followed by Okeefe foot cream with silicone pads overnight. My feet haven’t felt this smooth and healthy since I was a teen. The one bad crack is so much better and less painful. I suspect continued use will heal it completely. Highly recommend.

Amy B.

This product is AMAZING! I have tried it ALL! The difference after just one use is astounding. Better than what I’ve ever gotten from a pedicure even. I even did a test between my two feet, spending more time on one than the other, no difference. My cracks were very noticeable since I live on ceramic tile and in flip flops here in Florida. Get it!

Alana L.

I have been using this product for about 2 weeks now and I am SO HAPPY I found it! I have what I like to call “struggle feet” and I haven’t been able to get my biweekly pedicure for awhile so they were looking a bit rough. I used this product ONE time and it looked like I had a fresh pedicure. The soap is super moisturizing and the pumice isn’t very abrasive, I was actually skeptical because the pumice side felt kind of cheap but boy was I wrong! I have lost count of how many people I’ve told about this product. If you’re on the fence about buying, trust me! It’s totally worth will save me so much money now that I don’t need to get pedicures all the time.

Kasey D.

My wife’s feet look like a dried up river bed with all those deep cracks and channels. We tried a belt sander, 100 grit sand paper, and even a chisel. This seemed to work the best. Her feet are so smooth now and the fact that this comes with both a soap and scrubber is even better. I’m excited that my legs aren’t being scratched by her sharp feet in bed anymore. She would roll around in bed, and one of those sharp cracked edges would snag my skin, sometimes causing a deep gash.

Milt D.

I absolutely love this item!! I no longer have to get pedicures in the salon anymore. Which I hated doing in the first place. I use both sides every night when I shower. This has helped my feet tremendously. I live in Florida so I’m always in sandals. And I’m also a runner. I very rarely have to use a foot file now due to how effective this product is. I do still use a little foot lotion at night after I bathe. I always have. Just like you use hand cream and body lotion. I loved this product so much that I got one for my friend. She loves it as much as I do. I plan on ordering more of this product for myself and for little gifts for my friends who like to take care of their feet. Awesome product!!

Michele J.

I was not sure what to expect with this product and was pleasantly surprised. I used it the first time yesterday in the shower and I can't believe how much dead skin it removed from my foot. I applied lotion to my foot after and I was really happy with the results. The pumice left my foot soft with no dry skin on it, and this is just from one use. I have really dry feet and have tried tons of lotions, creams and foot pumices to alleviate this issue. This worked out great, I can now wear cute sandals without worrying about my ugly dry feet. I'm going to buy another one and one for my mother.

Rocky S

Love, Lori

Luxury Skincare For Your Feet

Save time and money on expensive pedicures.  My Solemate is so effective that you will find yourself needing less pedicures.  A great pedicure tool to keep your feet soft, smooth and supple just like a baby foot.