About Lori

Love, Lori is a dedication to the life and memory of Lori's brother Guy Barzvi who was killed on 9/11 at the age of 29 in the World Trade Center attacks in New York City.

After enduring the loss of her older brother, just 3 years later her father Arie who was a restaurant entrepreneur was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away within months of his diagnosis. Just before  Lori found herself with no choice but to quit her corporate job and figure out how to open and run a restaurant business on her own. 

One year later Lori knew that her heart was not in the restaurant business. Her brother Guy had told her the night before 9/11 on a 3 hour phone conversation they had that he wasn't happy at his job. And then of course he passed away unexpectedly the next day. Those words would stay with Lori forever and she knew that the best way to honor her brother would be by finding something to do that she loved. So she closed the restaurant went back to work and started doing some real soul searching.

One night Lori went to the movies and saw Shall We Dance with Jennifer Lopez. It moved her in a way that she signed up for dance lessons the very next morning. Lori instantly fell in love dancing and it was through dance that she began the healing process. Because of the healing it provided her she decided she wanted to open her own dance studio in New York so she could help others with their healing process. In 2007 Lori opened Soho Dance Studio in New York City. Unfortunately the dance studio was unable to survive the recession in 2008 and had to close its doors.

Lori was crushed by the failure of closure of her dance studio. But Lori's entrepreneurial spirit kept her going knowing that failure was part of the process. While the dance studio didn't work out, her love of dance led her to accidentally come up with an idea for a more convenient way to take care of those rough, dry cracked feet we have all experienced at one time or another. It took her several years to figure out how to take an idea that was in her head to something that was actually tangible. But thanks to her diligence, persistence, commitment and strong belief in herself and her product she was able to make her dream a reality. 

Enter stage left, My Solemate is an innovative 2-in-1 pumice stone with moisturizing soap that is safe, easy to use, and - most importantly - effective. And it smells great too! My Solemate received has received rave reviews on Good Morning America receiving a rating of an almost unprecedented A! It has also been on NBC Today where Diva Mom's and author Lyss Stern calls it her favorite Mothers Day Product. My Solemate has also been an amazon best seller since it launched in 2014.