My Solemate 2 in 1 Pumice Stone and Callus Remover

Why Your Feet Are Crying For This...

  • Because your feet are jacked up, plain and simple
  • Because your feet are dry and cracked
  • Because when you sleep at night your rough ratchet heels get caught on your sheets
  • Because you scratched and possibly cut up your significant others legs with your dry cracked heels while sleeping
  • Because you want feet as soft as a baby's butt
  • Because you want to love your feet again...or maybe for the first time ever.

How Do I Use This Thing?

Easy peasy. Soak those paws in some water for a minute or two. Take My Solemate and run it under water. Both sides. Then take the soap side and soap up those hooves. Let the moisturizers in the soap give your feet some good loving. Then turn that baby over and go to town and slough away all the ugly. Circular motions or back and forth. It really doesn't matter whatever gets the job done. But please don't overdo it! Remember we want to LOVEEEE our feet. Its all about the love.

For Best Results:

Like anything and everything else in life it's all about committing to consistency. So make sure you use My Solemate everyday until desired results are achieved and then use as needed for maintenance. Don't forget about following up with one of my amazing foot life changing foot creams from my Foot Finish line! Soon enough you will fall in love. With your feet. Promise. 


Soap: shea butter. aloe barbadensis leaf extract. vitamin e. lavendula extract. synthetic disodium edta. Sodium Palmate. Sodium palm kernelate. glycerin. synthetic sorbitol. perfume.

Pumice: Synthetic polyurethane which means no it is not actual volcanic material. The good news is that it's way more effective than pumice stones made from volcanic material. Don't be concerned that it will crumble. The crumble means it's working. The worse your feet are the faster and more it will crumble. Rejoice in the crumble and take back your feet again!




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